SixClouds’ BUZZ English Programmes


Learning is Easy with BUZZ!


Suitable for children aged 4 – 12 or older. Fun and exciting animated videos, interactive quizzes and worksheets help children to master the basics of English as a foreign language easily.

Thematic animation brings your child on a learning journey, where he learns functional language, vocabulary and grammar.

3 Programmes to Suit Different Proficiency Levels. Available with Russian, Chinese and Bahasa Melayu subtitles.

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BUZZ English Programme

BUZZ 1 – Beginner

Start with the basics! Learn and build a good foundation of the English language with basic nouns, verbs, simple tenses, functional language and vocabulary. Suitable for ages 4 to 6.

BUZZ 2 – Elementary

Ready for more challenges? Strengthen foundation with more complex grammar, such as adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and conjunctions in everyday situations. Suitable for ages 7 to 9.

BUZZ 3 – Intermediate

Feeling confident? Progress to higher levels of grammar with conditionals, modals and more complex functional language, to speak and write well in everyday situations. Suitable for ages 10 to 12 or older.

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Power-packed programmes


Model for Success

Aligned to CEFR language learning frameworks


Future Ready

Animation activates important 21st century skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration


Fun & Exciting

Digitally animated lessons to Boost language understanding & application



Online quizzes and downloadable worksheets to reinforce knowledge



Developed by professionally trained & experienced teachers and tutors

How to use BUZZ more effectively


Watch the Lesson Videos in sequence. View Lesson Videos multiple times for better understanding


Our Lesson Videos provide Language Learning, Revision and Practice. Try out worksheets to test what you’ve learned


Test knowledge by attempting the quizzes. Each quiz can be done multiple times for better practice


Follow the WATCH LEARN TEST process for subsequent topics and lessons to continuously strengthen English language foundation

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