SixClouds’ Digital Maths Programmes


Adding Fun to the FUNdamentals
of Learning Math!

We promote creative learning and engagement, valuing growth in knowledge and strong foundations which text-based teaching or question bank resources can never achieve. Our Maths programmes are designed to trigger your child’s imagination and visualisation, with real-life applications.

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Model for Success

Uses world renowned Singapore Maths methods


Future Ready

Animation activates important 21st century skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration.


Fun & Exciting

Digitally animated lessons to Boost concept understanding & application



Close to 100 lesson videos per grade



Online quizzes and downloadable worksheets to reinforce knowledge



Developed by professionally trained & experienced teachers and tutors


Global Coverage

4 programmes aligned to various Maths curriculums

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Multiple programmes, all designed using Singapore Maths methods, catering to different Maths curriculums.

To help your child understand concepts easily and build problem-solving prowess. Level up their knowledge, as they progress through different topics and grades.

Maths Programme


SMILE Singapore – We translate complex Maths concepts into simple visual ideas and illustrations, to understand what’s taught and build strong foundations. Available for Primary 1 to Secondary 2, according to the Singapore MOE curriculum.

SMILE International – Introducing Singapore Maths learning methods to international learners, who want to discover a different yet fun approach to concept-building and problem-solving. Aligned with the Common Core curriculum. Available for Grade 1 – 6 learners.

SMILE Philippines – Bringing the joy of Math learning with Singapore Maths methods. Aligned to the Philippines DepEd curriculum. Creative learning at its best with fully animated concept videos, suitable for Grade 1 – 6 learners.

MAZE – Designed for students in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), our Maths learning programme introduces Singapore Maths learning methods, with 8 grades of lessons in the Russian language.

Variation Across
Our Different Programmes

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