I found that S.M.I.L.E engages my students differently from text-based resources. Children are able to visualise and better understand complex concepts with the aid of visual cues and animation.

The worksheets that accompany the videos serve as an appropriate follow-up after a new concept is learnt.

What this means is, S.M.I.L.E is suitable for and enables self-directed learning as it has the content, measures and assessment in place. It has certainly made learning easier for them during this difficult time.

Leong Lai Fong

NIE trained teacher with over 15 years of experience.

Fantastic endorsement from teachers in Central Asia!

+ Heightened student interests and participation!

+ Saves time on lengthy explanations ‘cos students understand concepts more quickly.

+ Students master difficult topics in a fun and effortless way.

+ Increased Teacher-Student interaction.

+ “Easy to understand!” say parents.

I’d strongly recommend these series of videos to parents & children as good supplements to learning Maths in an easy, systematic and fun way.

Ex MOE trained teacher and enrichment centre owner

with 15 years of practical experience


My sister loves it! I used to get her to do pre revision using the textbook, but it never happens. After I introduce this programme to her, she voluntarily asks me to switch on and access it.

This programme engages children more in a fun and interactive way. It engages children using a school story life instead of just posting out for them to learn like learning from a teacher which can be boring over times. I love how it is through conversation that they promote the topic to them. The animation was engaging and well made, my sister even commented she simply just love watching it like a show!

The pause timing for them to understand was just right and explanations were really clear. there was lots of engagement involved and most of the time I can hear my sister answering the question verbally! Showing she is actually doing revision than playing games.

My child uses it for both pre-class prep as well as revision. This platform is very useful for pre-class prep as it is simple to understand. It is very good for self-directed learning.

My child uses SixClouds as a form of self-directed learning. It certainly helps that she could rewind the videos to understand a more difficult concept and to clarify the doubts that she has.

We use it as revision. To refresh what she learns in school. I find animated way of learning eg: asking and answering questions does help them. It’s like watching TV cum learning. Animation ways of teaching helps my girl. She can better understand it rather than dry teaching.

My kids tried it & really like it. We use both for pre-class prep & revision. For pre-class prep, I just let them watch it and then clarify and explain the concepts further if there’s doubts. For revision, it’s just to recall the concepts taught.

Kids find it entertaining to watch the animated characters to learn the concepts. Usually after they finished watching the video(s) on each topic, I’ll check their understanding by asking them questions.

My son used it as a bite size revision and reinforcement of what he has learnt, it is both entertaining and educational to watch the videos as a form of revision.

My son could use the video to visualize clearly on the topic of money and the videos helps to let him understand the concept in a more practical and down to earth scenarios.

Not really required extra explanation as animation has explained the concepts well. And I like the length of each video is not too long, so kids could pay full attention instead of being distracted half way through.

She used it as a pre class prep. She loves numbers and loved the animations! These videos helped to pay more attention than the books…So she is interested to learn more! She could watch them more times till she gets it. The videos are well designed and easy to understand. As they are interesting, she will watch them again and again for sure.

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